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Many of our clients come to us with commercially sensitive projects, often geared around optimising business process and operational efficiency. For these clients, our mobile solutions are an investment in giving them a competitive edge in the market. But for this reason, we often can’t talk about them.

This particular case study is a fantastic example of the unique benefits of choosing Xamarin and highlights the reasons we’re so passionate about the way we work in partnership with our clients. But apologies if we seem a bit restrictive on the details!

The brief

We were originally commissioned, by this client to bring their Windows CE application to Android devices, mirroring what their native iOS team had already successfully managed with iOS. Minimising any duplication of work was critical to ensuring ROI and key decision makers were keen to avoid doubling the workload and resource required to support the inclusion of Android moving forwards.

Xamarin to the rescue

The client had already identified Xamarin as a way to consolidate their codebase and offer a unified technology stack for all their web and mobile development team. With a C# shared codebase, Xamarin tools allow for native Android, iOS and Windows apps to be written with native user interfaces and shared code across multiple platforms.

As a Xamarin Premier UK Partner and experts on the platform, Rarely Impossible were selected over and above alternative providers local to the client in the USA.

The way we work

The way we work is another key reason our clients choose us, and our global client-base is proof that it works. We believe in a true partnership approach, collaborating on code, training and working alongside internal teams and building solutions in a way that means we can handover the reigns as soon as our clients are ready.

We’re an agile team and practice continuous delivery because we believe it allows for the most efficient collaboration. Combined with Xamarin’s cross-platform development environment, our way of working means we can get features into the hands of users sooner, and our clients’ solutions to market faster.

This project was no exception. After completing the Android port, we mirrored the iOS functionality to a Xamarin version within just a few weeks. Having a single codebase enabled us to build out detailed functionality across both platforms with over 90% code reuse in the app, between iOS and Android.

Hardware Integration

What made this project even more interesting was the requirement for hardware integration. The application formed part of a broader mobile solution designed to optimise the management and monitoring of company assets across multiple company locations and sites out in the field. This required integration of data collected by Bluetooth RFID readers.

Using Xamarin Test Cloud we were able to ensure functionality worked across all platforms, whilst building a codebase and solution to support the company move to a mobile-focused product line.

The bigger picture

For most of our clients in this space, a single application project is often just the start, be it a platform migration, mobile integration with an existing system or even just enhancing the user experience of LOB tools. The key to our success in these areas lies in the synergy between our passionate approach and our technical expertise.

We take the time to really understand our clients’ business and the challenge a solution needs to overcome. We start with an MVP and deliver fast and frequent iterations so our clients see value from the first release and progress throughout. We provide end-to-end, ongoing support and truly care that the product continues to fulfil our clients’ needs.

We seek to build in a way that plans for what a solution could become in future, but without over-engineering the task at hand. And we know our stuff. From a technical perspective, our clients know they’re in good hands, particularly when it comes to Xamarin and the Microsoft Stack.

Working with Xamarin unlocks the opportunities to explore additional features and functionality, with the confidence that multiple platforms doesn’t mean multiple workloads, nor do you need to compromise on UX.

We offer our clients guidance in building for a mobile future company, treating isolated mobile products as the pioneering activity for an all-round company mobile strategy.

Rarely Impossible is one of those rare companies that truly earns the right to be described as a partner to your business. When we first came to Rarely Impossible we were at a difficult crossroads, and Rarely Impossible's tactical excellence and confidence helped us successfully navigate that transition. Building on the success of our initial engagements, we've continued to work with RI to broaden and deepen our mobile strategy.

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