KTM SX 3D product tablet guide

KTM a leading manufacturer of motorcycles boasting world leading designers, state of the art production and the most competitive bikes on the planet. A brand like that attracts an avid fan-base, hungry to be up to date on the latest news, announcements, and race action. And KTM’s content editorial team were keen to rise to the challenge.

The Challenge

KTM wanted to create a single destination for motocross lovers to access the most up to date content including news and race results, whilst also finding a way to optimise their editorial process.

With a global fan-base, and content feeding in from various sources and authors, this would mean a multi-lingual platform capable of delivering aggregated content efficiently, but without compromising content quality or user experience.


THE Brief

The World of SX was born to deliver exactly that, providing coverage of USA and European competitions. Rarely Impossible were brought on board to bring the World of SX to life within a tablet app.

The Result

The final solution took content from multiple sources, aggregated into a single feed and delivered it intelligently across five different languages, smartly determined by identifying the users’ country settings.

In true Rarely Impossible style, the tablet app was designed for both iOS and Android devices, delivering multi-media content, including 3D footage beautifully and efficiently.

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