Insurance for the mobile generation

How can you insure something without seeing it!

What if your insurance company was created for today's world. What if you could just take a photo of the item you wanted to insure and get an instantly covered all via SMS?

The problem

What if you live at home and want to insure all your latest tech, your parents insurance doesn't cover your items and changing the policy is both a hassle and expensive.


The solution

Imagine if you could take a photo of your item, have the cloud analysis the photo, identify the item and work out it's quality and financial value. This information is then processed into a policy and quote, delivered to you via a short simple SMS, which with a quick reply you can get instantly covered.


The technology

The application works by using some of the cloud's greatest technologies and services.

  • Twilio - SMS sending
  • Azure Cognitive Services - Image identification
  • Azure App Services - API processing


The possibilities

Why not insure more than your latest gadgets, using custom machine learning models photo based insurance can cover everything in a persons life.

  • Cars
  • Pets
  • Personal Health
  • House