Energetics engaging mobile workouts

Energetics is one of Europe’s leading providers of fitness and wellness equipment. With the ambition to put a personal trainer in the pocket of every Energetics customer, the brand’s mobile strategy has played a crucial role in supporting customers on their personal fitness journey.We have worked with Energetics for over 2 years, in partnership with Austria’s largest independent design agency, Kiska. This year (2016) we’ll see the launch of version 3 of their fitness mobile application across iOS and Android.


The brief

The app focuses on helping people to independently improve their fitness.

For Energetics, the app serves as a value-added experience to compliment equipment purchases and continue to drive sales. Not only does the app extend personal workouts beyond the gym, it also takes Energetics equipment off the e-tail shelves and right in front of the customer, every time they workout using their mobile device.

The V3 brief was very simply to make improvements that would increase and maintain user engagement.


The app

The latest version of the app allows users to create a tailored workout experience by selecting their fitness level, desired workout time and the equipment they have available to workout with, from a full catalogue of Energetics products.

The exercises generated guide users through their workout with visual cues and detailed instructions. At the end users can even rate the level of difficulty to optimise future workouts.


The technology

As a leading Xamarin Premier Partner, we are big advocates of the platform. With a C# shared codebase, Xamarin tools allow you to write native Android, iOS and Windows apps with native user interfaces and share code across multiple platforms. We’re also known for pushing Xamarin’s UI framework, Xamarin Forms to new limits. And Energetics was no exception.

We started with an end-to-end high fidelity prototype which allowed us collaboratively tweak and refine the UI, whilst validating the desired user experience. Due to the engaging creative designed by Kiska, we needed to extend Xamarin functionality in creating our own high performance carousel, which would allow for 200 carousel views to be loaded for a workout.

To deliver a truly personalised workout for the user, we partnered with Sportboxx to create a custom workout logic that would ensure exercises prioritised use of the users Energetics equipment, targeted a full range of body parts and muscle groups and delivered cool down stretches that matched the body parts and muscles groups targeted during the work out. The logic even ensured future workouts could be optimised using data from the users self-assessed fitness level and a difficulty score awarded via a post-workout survey.

Our DevOps infrastructure of Runscope, Test Cloud and Hockey App allows us to release quickly but also continuously monitor third party data and ensure the best overall workout experience for users across 1000s of devices.

The result

Over the course of a few weeks we accelerated the evolution of Energetics’ flagship mobile product, offering an enhanced experience to users, which in turn creates a more compelling sales proposition for Energetics products. We look forward to working with them on the next phase of their journey.

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