Employee training with Amazon Echo and Alexa

Full immersive training. Any where, any time.

The problem

What if you had to on-boarding tens or hundreds of new employee's every month/week/day, or manage the constant uploading courses and employee training. This is both time intense and a logistical nightmare.


The solution

With an internet connection and a connected speaker (Amazon Echo), we can provide a two way learning experience for a trainee within a simulated world to aid understanding the real environment they will work within. We take an Amazon Echo device and load it with a simulated experience and report on the success of the training.


The technology

  • Storyboard the existing training experience
  • Mobile app records environmental sounds to mimic the work space
  • Voice trainer creates question flow
  • Amazon Echo device is easily activated with "Alexa, Start Training"
  • Data captured reports back on successful completion


The possibilities

Voice creates a truly immersive experience and low cost hardware makes it very effective. Useful for any type of training for new employee’s or refresher classes enabling the training to be efficient and less stressful.

You could even take this to team building activities to help strength personal dynamics or pre-vetting new recruits in their interview process.