Extreme disasters are devastating, can technology help?

Supporting your team, when they are supporting their family.



When a disaster strikes companies understands that their team are focusing on ensuring their loved ones are safe but as a business you want to make sure that your team are safe and if there is anything the company can do to help.


What if you could record a quick audio message in your native language to check that people are ok. This message can be sent to people in the effected locations and received through a channel best suited to the recipient be it text, call or notification as well as being translated in to their preferred language and allowing them to response easily.

The Technology

  • Twilio Voice System
  • Google Maps
  • Xamarin
  • Azure Notification Hub

THE Possibilities

Not just for disaster situations but can be utilised for safety with lone workers across a geographic footprint as well as arranging group meetings and notifying participants within the area as local public authorities alerting residents of issues that affect them due to their geographic proximity.