Get your mobile apps built & launched within 7 weeks.


Most businesses use desktop-based systems and too much paper. Mobile+ shifts your business to a mobile-first mindset with all the training, skills and technology needed to create business apps in weeks, helping your team get their work done.

How does it work

  • Workshop
  • Prototype
  • Intergration
  • DevOps
  • Talent engagement
  • SDK
  • Support

Workshop & Discovery

We work with you and use the ‘lean canvas’ approach to identify the real problems and priorities in your business and understand what is needed to solve them.

Together we define the dependencies in your business from technical to processes and people. We then create User Experience (UX) wire-frame sketches of User Interface (UI) flow for your apps.

We provide an introduction to Xamarin based mobile development, followed by a hands-on development lab for your tech team that is bespoke to your organisation


Prototype & Test

We produce a rapid native mobile application, turning the UX sketches and UI flow into a native mobile prototype for users to test on real devices and feedback on their experience.

The prototype is ready to deploy on Android, iOS and Windows devices and fully branded to your guidelines.



Our apps integrate with your internal business systems (through REST APIs) where you need them to. We liaise with your development team and ensure the app fits in your business and based on-premise or in the cloud.


Get your systems ready

We put your Mobile+ applications in the hands of your users. They are deployed in a regular rhythm to help the business adjust. By using automated mobile development, you can deliver app builds, user interface testing, beta user distribution and final production smoothly. Built on cloud infrastructure with scale and resilience at the core.


Get your people ready

Our training gets everyone thinking in a mobile mindset throughout your organisation. This helps people change the way they work, which is just as critical as the tech.

We provide your business with:

  • Stakeholder understanding of the mobile landscape and cloud powered intelligence
  • User experience application
  • Control guidelines for your design team
  • Xamarin platform training for your development team
  • Mobile deployment management for your development team



We have built up a collection of the best code as a open SDK allowing you and your development team to build applications in weeks rather than months.



We support you and your team with continuously updated learning materials, on-site training, SDK updates and post launch innovation sessions. You get continuous real-world examples and code for intelligent innovations for your mobile applications and organisation.