thoughts / 8 Customer Support Trends

Consumers are moving away from the traditional methods to raise a complaint or to get an issue resolved.

Times are changing, consumers are moving away from the traditional methods to raise a complaint or to get an issue resolved, what's next for customer support?

Knowledge in social

Getting a brand to engage with your issue, happens much quicker when over social channels for two reasons, these channels are currently underused compared to their more traditional counterparts resulting in a quicker and higher quality response. No brand wants an unanswered or negative story to hit viral levels. Social will continue to grow due to the engagement levels, expect brands to expand to even more social channels to engage with these micro audiences and those managing those channels will have to become brand ambassadors with all the product knowledge. If customers feel competitors are faster and give higher quality interactions, customer loyalties will change.

Bots will destroy customers trust

Automating your interaction with brands, the rise of bots continuous to increase engagement and reduce support costs. People will get wise to this way of working, don't show three dots that simulate a person writing. Any trust that the customer had with your brand will be gone. Why not have a person answer and once they understand the problem they can forward the conversation off to the correct bot optimised to solve that issue and has thousands of times before.

24/7 support as standard

Stripe, the global payment platform for developers just launched 24/7 phone and live chat support. More and more we are using tools and services from companies across the globe regardless of their or location. Customers who are working across the world or when it is best for them will start to expect their questions answered at 2 am or will find a service which does. The best approach is to start looking at remote workers now if you are not already to build a globe team that can better serve your customer base.

Video calls are transforming customer support

Gaining context from an email, screenshot or even phone call is hard. Video and screen sharing calls will rise, enabling customers to show the issue they are experiencing in a visually setting. Have a look at Bonjoro if you want to add video responses to your customer support queries today.

Brand building through outbound calls

Brands will call their customers, to say thank you for being a customer, but also to become more engaged in the customer relationship regardless of the unit price they are paying. A good customer will tell a friend; a bad customer will tell everyone. An engaged customer will be an ambassador, with the rise of automation (used in the right way) all this can be done at scale building and supporting a brands personality.

Globally distributed community

Most digital brands have a place their customers can discuss, share ideas and interact globally. This could be on Facebook or Instagram or even a hosted forum. These communities are being stimulated for free normally by a single individual there keeping the conversation going. Soon, we will see community support become another level to the brand support with a financial support system and access to enable a globally distributed and culturally aware community can engage with customers to solve problems.

First line support will have 3rd line knowledge

As bots and better onboarding removes the need for us to suck eggs, support knowledge will move up the traditional support tiers stack. Those answering customer questions on the front line will have expert knowledge of the products and services rather than a script to read.