lab / How does mood effect your customer service team NSP score?

Negative mood can have an impact on companies, insights into company communication could be key.

We all get influenced during our working day, our mood changes both positively and negatively, but when your working with others internally and externally to your organisation your mood can turn positive situations into negative issues for you and others, all without you realising.

Imagine if you could gain insight into the emails you send and better understand how the emails you are writing are being affected by your mood. A resulting mood score can then be aggregated across the working week to understand and address where needed.

The technology

  • Email Service API Access
  • Microsoft Azure Sentiment Analysis
  • Microsoft Azure Power BI
  • Email Sending Reports

The possibilities

The mood score could provide further detailed metrics such as score by recipient, time of day, the addition of other internal communication channels, from Email to Skype to Slack.

Reviewing outbound communication also provides an insight into how the company appears to the outside world by analysing social channels as well as press releases and even pitch proposals or contracts.