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Voice Bank
Digitising your voice for future generations.

Which Bin - An Alexa skill for your bin
Some apps are mundane, simple and useful. This is one of them but it does have a rap video.

Should I Send It - Understanding your mood in emails
Imagine if you could get a mood score for emails you send and receive.

Learning through voice with Amazon Alexa
To help planet earth with the search of alien words join Commander Alexa Jones and her crew.

Using Microsoft AI to find the best Airbnb
Recently we have been looking at an experimental labs feature of Microsoft Cognitive Services called Project Wollongong.

Improved security with AI door tailgate detection
Tailgating continues to be the largest risk at the workplace.

Insurance for the mobile generation
Insurance for today's world. See how it could be achieved.

Employee training with Amazon Echo and Alexa
Making employee training less time-intensive but more engaging and immersive.

Disasters are devastating, can tech help?
Imagine if you could support your team while they are supporting their family.

How does mood effect your customer service?
Negative mood can have an impact on companies, insights into company communication could be key.