Aleax for your business

You and your team are busy, gaining valuable time is a high priority.

With Voice+ we help you add voice assistants to your business to simplify or remove frustrations in daily tasks. Booking holiday, arranging meetings, completing tasks, finding information and reviewing performance can all be managed easily with Voice.

24/7 office manager

Providing your team with a channel to communicate within your business and with each other gives you an ultimately flexible working environment.


Sentence driven data

Data provides invaluable insights from millions of data points. The quantity can be overwhelming and being able to make meaningful sense of it can be hard. Imagine talking to your data, interrogating it as if you were having a conversation with it, gaining more details with each question and sentence. This is where we could be turning the Internet Of Things (IoT) into the VoT (Voice Of Things).


Vocal training

Learning how your organisation speaks, what makes your culture what it is and how your team asks questions provides the key to success for a useful voice interface in your internal systems.

Replace email overload

Team organisation within business is one of the most time-consuming activities for employees. Managing email has become an unnecessary and time-consuming activity in many organisations. Replace the unmanageable threads of email with a simple conversation.


A trusted voice

There are times when conversation needs to be private and trusted. Voice provides a way for people to express themselves, confide and understand their own thinking. Voice can help us share and offload in confidence and in private. Just the process of talking can help us solve creative and emotional challenges.

Multi devices

Voice can work across multiple devices. It can provide an extension to your many devices. People can become more focused on their current task whether on desktop, mobile or physically working by commanding passive actions with your voice.