MOBILE+ - Bronze

A .NET team embarking on a mobile app project needs a structured support system that gives them the ability to learn at their own pace, provides accelerated face-to-face practical coding and the ability to gain expert insight and support during their first mobile project delivery.


Pre-training Content

6 hours of video training

On-site Training

2.5 days on-site

Support Content

code snippets, how-to videos, live q&a webinars, new framework reviews

Code Template

code snippets, libraries, controls

Email Support

access for 12 weeks

Azure DevOps Setup

Architecture Workshops

Sprint Code Reviews

Screen Share Investigation

Pre-training Content

Your team will comprise of developers with different learning styles, experience levels and availability. We provide your internal .NET with roughly 4 hours of video content they can watch at their own pace. The content works through the fundamentals of mobile development, app deployment and the mobile frameworks we use in the training sessions.

On-site Training

Nothing beats being in the same room as someone to guide you through a practical example and for you to ask questions. Our on-site training (normally at your offices but can occur anywhere) runs for 2.5 days. The sessions start with a recap and Q&A of the pre-training content, followed by a deep dive into a practical application which the group will build over a period of a day.

We understand that building a hello world app isn’t for everyone so we tailor the practical app build to your organisation. By the end of the training the group will have built, bug fixed and deployed a mobile app to the live app stores for both iOS and Android.

Support Content

The internet is full of resources to aid developers to embrace mobile development, though as .NET mobile development has gone through a rapid evolution over the recent years a lot of the advice on Q&A sites and forums is now outdated or not relevant though has great SEO scores. Therefore we review and update all training content every three months to ensure your team are getting the correct information. Each month we select the top requested topics, or highest encountered problems and produce video training material which deep dives into this topic for your team to access.

Code Template

Getting started with mobile development is one of the biggest obstacles for .NET developers. To assist with this, we provide templated projects for Xamarin Forms, iOS, Android, Spec testing and automated device testing. These templates are cross-platform projects that include approaches for authentication, UI controls, local storage and API integration. Enabling developers to develop faster.

Next step

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