Turn your current .NET team into mobile app experts

You have an internal .NET team that knows your customers and how the business works. The organisation has a requirement to build a new mobile application.

There are two options: partner or up skill. If you want the security of a mobile agency partner to deliver your mobile solution to a fixed deadline, please see our consultancy services.

If you want to upskill your internal .NET team with mobile expertise please read on.

We have learnt the hard way that you can’t just put a group of .NET developers with no prior mobile knowledge into a training room for three days and expect them to come out as mobile experts ready to build your enterprise solution.

A .NET team embarking on a mobile app project needs a structured support system that gives them the ability to learn at their own pace, provides accelerated face-to-face practical coding and the ability to gain expert insight and support during their first mobile project delivery.

We call this MOBILE+, which we offer in three approaches, tailored to cater for the experience level of your .NET development team and the objectives of your organisation.




Pre-training Content

4 hours of video

On-site Training

2.5 days on-site

Support Content

access for 12 weeks

Code Template

access for 12 weeks

Email Support

access for 12 weeks

Azure DevOps Setup

Architecture Workshops


Sprint Code Reviews


Screen Share Investigation


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Find out more

Find out more