Ideas solve problems... and there are lots of problems.


We create proof of concept solutions for clients to aid their R&D, provide platform evaluation and to investigate early project ideas.


We charge £36,000 a year, renewed at month 9 if you decide too.

We will create your organisation 10 proof of concept solutions for you during a year period.

You send us an overview brief, together we have a 20 minute video call and agree the solution outcomes.

Typically within 7 days (never more than 21 days) you will receive your proof of concept solution with documentation for your internal team.

We work with companies that have an internal development team and Microsoft Azure as their predominate platform.

Proof of concept's include but are not limited too a website/webapp, native mobile app, machine learning model, api endppoint to consume, prototype screen flow, voice experience, IoT device or technology review report.

We will not work with your major competitors.

We love what we do, we always deliver and we will not bullshit you.

We offer a fixed POC project for £5,000 (you can only do this once before purchasing our retainer). We offer this so we can both evaluate if we should work together.


To schedule a 20 minute onboarding call to discuss your business and what we offer.

Email us: hello@rarely.io

Speak to us: +44 (0)1202 611 191

Read what we write: read.rarely.io

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