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Delight your customer

Customers tend to feel delighted when the service they receive is so good it surprises them, or their expectations are exceeded in some way. With intelligent applications this approach to delight can be scaled to all of your customers anywhere and at anytime, whilst being accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

Adding voice recognition capabilities to your app is a great way to increase accessiblity and convenience by enabling hands-free usage (so they can use while driving or cooking) and gives them access to what they want very quickly. Voice recognition not only makes it easy for customers to navigate around your app it also assists in making your app more accessible for users who have a visual impairment.

We all live in a visual world and the growth of social media has amplified this tenfold, now with more than 3 billion images shared daily. Using intelligent apps provides a way for you to scale content creation for visual customers easily or by analysing the millions of images relevant to your industry to identify trends before others and tailor your customer experience to this.

You can't/shouldn't replace a human support agent with a chatbot. Excellent customer support is a must to make sure your customers are happy, conversational experiences if used in the right way can provide your customers with a delightful experience through a new channel whilst having a positive impact on operations.

Intelligent apps deliver more impactful experiences

Empowering your employees

Happy workers are productive workers. This means company leaders need to prioritise methods that foster positivity amongst their employees. A key challenge in this regard is blocking the noise and information overload that can be so detrimental to key employees’ ability to do their job correctly. One way to do this is by properly harnessing the power of technology to unleash the true potential of your workforce.

Technology should be seen as a tool to inspire your employees to do great things, the importance of using consumer quality applications to support the development of apps that empower employees, how to learn from data rather than be swamped by it, and how to ensure automation of the mundane leads to the flourishing development of your greatest minds.

So often, people fear the loss of jobs due to increasing automation. However, technology is an incredible tool that can empower your employees to do more with their skills and spend less time on the boring and mundane tasks that so often come to dominate working people’s lives. With over 62 per cent of a survey of over 1,700 workers across five continents saying the quality of their work suffers due to information overload, it is clear to see that most companies are not maximising the potential of apps with the potential to empower employees.

The key thing then when introducing AI into the workplace is to harness its power to illuminate key insights from huge data sets that are more than a human can process alone, allowing employees to respond to useful information rather than process it. Where tasks are repetitive, without a doubt, automation should be sought as this can lead to huge advances in employee satisfaction, productivity, and your company’s bottom line!

With the advancements in customer experiences in technology, more and more people are becoming fluent in technology use. This has had the effect of employees expecting their engagement with tech in the workplace to be at least on a par with their consumer experiences. Fortunately, this pressure has been shown to have an incredible effect on productivity as modernising legacy business applications produces vast returns on investments when it comes to employee engagement and productivity.

Bad experiences with workplace tech also often lead to the use of noncompliant applications, raising the prospect of exposing the company to various vulnerabilities, such as cyber-attacks. Conversely, innovations with regards to employee experiences of tech that increase the flexibility and mobility of work can foster productivity and attract the most exciting minds to your company.

There are plenty of apps out there that can help empower your staff and also help them to re-engage with the company. These intelligent apps can also help to organise and compartmentalise the information overload that so many employees feel debilitated by. With a little thought and effort investing in the right apps can help to make a more empowered and, therefore, happier workforce.

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