R&D agency

We provide organisations rapid R&D development within 14 days of briefing. Our objective is to assist organisations with evaluating a particular technology or who need a digital solution created rapidly as a demonstration to the wider business.



Each solution is priced depending on it's complexity level, solutions are costed at either 1, 2 or 3 credits. One credit costs £3,600 and can be bought in blocks of ten.

We allow a one-off 1 credit purchase for £5,000 (you can only do this once before purchasing credits as a block). We offer this so we can both evaluate if we should work together.


Our solutions include but are not limited to: a website/webapp, native mobile app, machine learning model, api endpoint to consume, prototype screen flow, voice experience, IoT edge device or technology review report.


We can share further details of our work and customer base via an introduction call which you can discuss your business need and what can share more of what we offer.

Email us: hello@rarely.io

Speak to us: +44 (0)1202 611 191

Our Work

We don't publish much of our work due to our respected NDAs, however, we write about our thoughts and approaches read.rarely.io.

If you are looking for our Xamarin developer training program please visit www.areyouadev.com