see what is possible in a mobile first world

Proof of concept strategy

  • We will complete a UX review any existing systems, these can be mobile, web or even paper-based processes
  • We will complete a UX review of any existing mobile proposals that you are currently investigating
  • Following the UX reviews we will then produce either one or both (depending on your needs and requirements)
    - Sketches
    - Low fidelity Xamarin native app

Case studies

My Amazing Team

Working with “My Amazing Team” we created a proof of concept with aim of inspiring new ways for large organisations to encourage workplace collaboration and incubate ideas. The concept took the form of an app that gives every voice within the organisation a platform to share, input and vote on company-wide initiatives, with the protection of anonymity. A few key features were explored with a focus on communication and data visualisation; just enough to get key stakeholders to take notice and start imagining the possibilities. 

How can we support you?

We’re here to listen to your ideas and understand what your organisation needs. So if you’ve got a project in the pipeline, or just want to chat, we’d love to hear from you.