Your business is built on internal desktop based systems and lots of paper, Mobile+ is about removing paper and bringing these internal systems to your workforce through an intelligent mobile presence.

Mobile+ equips your business with a mobile first mindset alongside providing your internal C# developer team with the skills, training and advanced SDK to rapidly build amazing internal business apps for your fellow employee’s and partners.

your company's internal systems & 
C# development team mobile+ within 7 weeks





Talent Enablement



1. Workshop

  • Using the lean canvas to identify the real problems and priorities to solve them
  • Define any dependencies both technical and business
  • Together create UX wire-frame sketches of UI flow

For your technical team we provide an introduction to Xamarin based mobile development, followed by a hands-on development lab bespoke to your organisation or sector. 


3. Prototype

Produce a rapid native mobile application, turning the UX sketches into a UI native mobile prototype for users to use on real devices and feedback on each iteration.

  • Deploy-able to Android, iOS and Windows devices
  • Implementation of branding guidelines
  • Real device prototype testing

3. Integration

Integrating business logic and remote REST APIs to access internal business systems, liaising with your development team. Integrating with on-premise or the cloud.

4. DevOps

Gets your Mobile+ business applications in the hands of your users with a regular deployment cadence, automated mobile dev ops system provides platform specific app builds, UI testing, beta user distribution and final production release easily. Built on top of the cloud, scale and resilience is at its core.

5. Talent Enablement

Our talent enablement training dispenses a mobile mindset throughout an organisation. Providing your business with:

  • Stakeholder understanding of mobile landscape and cloud powered intelligence
  • UX application and control guidelines for your design team
  • Xamarin platform training for your development team
  • Mobile deployment manage for your DevOps team

6. SDK

The Mobile+ SDK provides you an enhanced development wrapper around Xamarin and the Xamarin Forms UI layer, utilising the best in class UI themes and services, enabling you and your development team to rapidly build internal business applications in weeks rather than months.

7. Support

You and your team are supported by our continuously updated learning materials, on-site training, SDK updates and post launch innovation sessions providing you with continuous real world examples and code for intelligent innovations for your mobile applications and organisation.

Keep moving

Continue your organisations digital transformation journey by providing a mobile gateway to your internal systems.