We bring your people into the mobile first world


Migration from proof of concept

If you've worked with us on a Proof of Concept, that investment doesn't get thrown in the bin! We use that base code base to build on and optimise ensuring 100% of what you put in ends up in your end solution.


Our iterative and agile way of working means we focus on collaboratively prioritising and re-prioritising your feature backlog. It's how we kick-off any project and means we can maintain  momentum. Our process allows us to quickly identify any unknowns or dependencies that might prevent us from getting started or moving forwards.


We communicate with your team on a weekly basis, providing status and progress updates as well as discussing feedback on development releases. As we approach major milestones we might even ramp this up to daily catch ups. Basically you'll never be left out of the loop. We also record all crucial communications via video and circulate to everyone involved with action plan of next steps.


So your mobile apps can communicate with remote systems, we can integrate with your internal systems via REST APIs, liaising with your IT team to ensure the most secure route to access. Alternatively, we can use our API framework to provide a thin web layer between your internal system and the mobile application. This can be hosted within your network or in the cloud to ensure optimum interoperability.


As an advocate of continuous delivery we work in a way that ensures your app could be deployed live from the day we start building. We provide you releases of each feature as it's ready. However you and your team are more than welcome to access our active dev builds if you want to see daily progress.


During build, all work is deployed to our client review tool enabling you access builds for sign off. We can ship pre-configured devices to your office or register your existing devices. We'll work with your team to determine the best frequency of release cycle and platform priorities. Any new release will be placed in our holding pen ready for you to deploy if and when desired.


We conduct ongoing regression testing of your application to ensure it works across time-zones and countries. Edge case configuration can happen in the background on a continuous basis whilst we monitor both the application performance and the health of the APIs being used by the application. This helps to mitigate error and aid us in understanding the root of the problem, so we can quickly identify which team needs to act! 


Understanding how your app behaves is key to knowing what your users wants. We monitor app performance and user behaviour to identify issues before they arise for the masses, as well as offering small-data understanding of how your users are interacting with the application. This allows us to advise on how to adapt and improve pages and functionality to enhance the experience.


The fragmentation of devices on the market is only growing and your app needs to be equipped for that. As well as testing on our range of in-house devices, we also run automated UI tests across 100s of physical devices and OS versions to ensure your app performs consistently for every user. This also means we can ensure any feature enhancements don't unintentionally break anything! 


Using in-app feedback, chat or survey features we can collate and communicate with users post-launch whilst being on hand as 2nd line support. We even take this to the next level offering support for app store reviews, monitoring sentiment and engagement as well as ensuring user-requested features are prioritised on the ongoing backlog. When new versions are released we can inform reviewers in your brand's tone of voice so they know when their issue or request have been resolves and pushed live.


You may require admin functionality to manage your app. This might include content management access, notification features, sending feedback reviews or even feature toggling. All this can be provided either within the app, under admin controls, or via a an on premise or cloud-based web portal. We work with your IT department to establish the desired setup. 


Understanding your users doesn’t stop once we've launched, especially if you're planning continuous investment in the enhancing your application. We can manage the deployment of beta releases to different groups and even help you identify who that beta group should be focusing on your target audience, high usage users and regular bug finders. Together we can ensure features are being reviewed by the right people outside of your organisation.

Once your app is deployed we offer retainer-support; from strategic consultation and ongoing monitoring to further feature development.


How can we support you?

We’re here to listen to your ideas and understand what your organisation needs. So if you’ve got a project in the pipeline, or just want to chat, we’d love to hear from you.